Martha Wade Steketee

Critic. Dramaturg. Researcher.

New York, NY

Martha Wade Steketee

Lover of ghost lights, magic of live performance, and storytelling in song.



Teaching Manners to Build a Community

"Laughter during a confession or vulnerable moment tells you people are listening." MCC Theater's new drama focuses on a one-of-a-kind charm school.
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Searching for a Shore, This Family Settles Into Silence

On the Shore of the Wide World, first staged in Manchester and London in 2005, is the first Atlantic Theater Company show of the 2017-18 season. with American actors edging into various regional accents and a British reserve. Sudsy plot points drive a narrative involving three generations of the working-class Holmes family in rural England, including pregnancies, abortions, births, early marriages, threatened dalliances, and an event that the audience should experience as a surprise, so no spoilers here.
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Women in Charge

Two playwrights, Kate Hamill and Karen Zacarías, prove that female characters are limited neither by their senses nor their destiny. Two theatremakers coming to OSF next season assemble new work out of existing genres with women’s voices, for women performers. Their plays are infused with feminism, humor and social commentary in equal measure.
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Melissa Manchester, Her Fellas, and Unexpected Joy

“I finally made it to Birdland!”. Melissa Manchester, who has had a career of many decades, with more than a score of albums, and performances around the world, exclaimed early into her set in the intimate jazz venue an excitement at being in the room that almost matches the electric anticipation of her audience members.
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Are You Ready for a Resurrection?

"We want to see connections, to see patterns, to connect to people, and to feel empathy. It's so natural." How a multimedia artist is bringing a Long Island family back to life. Alison S. Kobayashi has an offbeat hobby. "For the past 11 years, I've been collecting found audio recordings, letters, and objects -- usually things that have some sort of trace of the previous owners," she says matter-of-factly, as if everyone does this.
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Sugar Sing Along Loses the Beat

Tony Roberts, one of the original stars of Sugar, the 1972 Broadway musical based entirely on the Billy Wilder, cross-dressing, Prohibition-era comedy film Some Like It Hot, hosted the “54 Sings Sugar” chapter of the 54 Below series of barely-staged, sung-through performances of sometimes rarely seen musicals.
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An Experimental Argument: Ethan’s Lipton’s Outer Space Odyssey Toward a Sustainable Life

Ethan Lipton has assembled a creative family of musicians and designers who have worked with him on a series of projects in New York and around the country. David Zinn has designed sets and costumes and Leigh Silverman has directed Lipton’s plays for over a decade, from 100 Aspects of the Moon in 2005 to the musical Tumacho in 2016 with New York City’s Clubbed Thumb.
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“If Only”: Ann, Samuel, and the Love That Might Have Been

Stories about crossing class, caste and racial divides offer rich theatrical and cinematic possibilities. Far From Heaven, a recent example as a 2002 movie and 2013 Off Broadway musical, explores an American upper-class 1950s suburban wife and mother, her closeted gay husband, and her socially thwarted relations with a genteel Negro workman.
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Things Can Really Hang You Up the Most – Inanimate

Modern society is packed with machine-crafted and hand-hewn objects intended for display or consumption or decoration. In societies of abundance, we are often told that we focus much too much on accumulation of non-human stuff. But what if those things were, to some humans, more than objects to binge watch or gorge upon or hoard?
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Neglected Plays of Teresa Deevy Mints New Vaudeville

The title of The Suitcase Under the Bed is both self-effacing and self-referential. This new Mint offering of Deevy short pieces proves a delectable and delicate vaudeville.
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A Happening to Celebrate Birthday Girl Annie Ross

July 25, 2017 really is the 87th birthday of Annie Ross and marks the 11th year of regular appearances at the venue by this actress and jazz musician. The celebratory vibe at the Metropolitan Room this fine summer evening is deep and buzzy—Ms. Ross hasn’t been performing lately and we all want to welcome her back to the stage and raise a glass to her legacy.
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Linda Lavin and the Women Who Haunt Her

Linda Lavin is a New York City girl who holds audiences rapt by comedic and dramatic performances on television, film, and stage. What cabaret lovers have discovered over the years is that that she brings all her performance skills and a now-burnished vocal instrument to storytelling in a cabaret setting.
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Martha Wade Steketee

Martha Wade Steketee works as a researcher, policy analyst, editor, theater critic, dramaturg. She writes for numerous outlets including her own site that focuses on theater, film, and live performance.

Steketee has been a member of theater awards committees (Jeff in Chicago, Drama Desk in New York), script reader for theaters, festivals, and competitions, and works with playwrights and authors on works in development. Currently serves on the boards of LMDA (, ATCA (, and LPTW (

Steketee lives in New York City with her husband, no pets, too many books, and four original Art Shay 1962 backstage photographs of Judy Garland at the Arie Crown in Chicago.